I'm Scott, a software developer and researcher currently working at ISL, a digital agency in Washington, DC. My work focuses on computer graphics and data visualization in web-based user interfaces. I'm also interested in agent-based simulations and modeling complex social systems.

Previously, I completed a master's degree in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University, where I wrote my thesis, "Generating, Simulating, Interrogating: A Computational Design Thinking Framework." I also (briefly) studied architecture at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning, and have worked as a software developer independently and for various organizations, including AccuWeather and the Democratic National Committee.

The easiest way to get in touch is by emailing me: scott dot p dot donaldson at gmail.



Real-time, in-browser modeling software. Begin a 3d model, then share the URL publicly to let others watch as you design and offer feedback.


HTML5 <canvas> library for in-browser photo editing, drawing, and visualization.


Interactive, exploratory data visualization to show Wikipedia edits over time.

Points in Flux

Web game made using p5.js. Move all the points into the shaded region using your mouse or finger.